If unlike me, you try to not attire people’s attention on you when you are in a different country, then you should really read the few choking – but proven – facts that I am going to give you .

This blog has been created in order to serve as a reference for people like me – who are living or visiting foreign countries or even for people who may be interested into knowing that it is not always easy to┬ábe in an another country without feeling sometimes like an outsider because of the cultural differences.

You always notice when someone’s behavior is not quite similar than someone’s behavior from your native country , which is why I will give you the main typical situations where you may want to act like people from your host country if you want to seem like a “normal” person.

I hope you will enjoy your lecture, and please feel free to leave a comment! Your personal opinion is more than welcome

Photography by Heizfrosch/dreamstime