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France is a place surrounded by smoking teenagers. According to the studies of l’INSEE, (a french statistic site), 25% of the Frenchies aged between 15 and 18 years old are smokers, in contrast, only 16,7% of young adults smoke in america in 2006.

The numbers may varied a little, but the consequences are still the same : so why french people tend to smoke much more than american?

If the French law allows the consummation of cigarets at 16 years old, instead of most american states where a person can legally smoke in average at 21 years old, it seems to not be the only reason. Furthermore, some tobacco’s sellers in France prefer to sell their tobacco to their customers without paying attention to their age, something that wont happen often in America.

Finally the main and the most surprising reason was given by american teenagers themselves :
Most of them prefer to smoke drugs, such as weed, simply because” cigarets are really bad for your health and you can get cancer easily, smoking them make you look stupid and it is really pointless.” apparently from their point of view “weed have minor impact on you compare to cigarets, as long as you are not a huge weed;s addict of course”.

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Step 2

French, Cigarets Addicts?

Drugs, 1st American Smoking Choice?

Many stereotypes among the American are about the Frenchies being pro-smokeurs, and especially cigarets lovers. In addition, french people mostly think that American people hate cigarets, however there are huge drugs’ consumers.

The poll is a way to determine which kind of smoke is prefered among the public in order to see if the results will confirm those statements or not.

However I will give a much more complete explanation later.