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It is mostly impossible to imagine that the rules of saying hi of your host country may be diffrent than the one from your country .

This video is a good summary of the huge difference among the European style -mostly french style- and the American style. Now you are prepared to the unexpected and become a expert of both American and french etiquette.

Enjoy the video !

Hug Or Bise ?

You are in a different country, then the first thing you need to ask yourself is : do people from foreign countries say hi the same way I do? I agree, it is not the first thing that will came to your mind, which is why people are always surprised when they discover that telling hi to other people differs from a country to an another.


Don’t even try to hug If you are in France ! French people are a little more reserved when it comes to friendship, so your hug may appear like a excess of affection and sometimes that may scare some a little . However French people do hug, but only if they think they know enough the other person.


In America, you will notice very quickly that here, kissing on both cheeks is something you want to avoid. In France, girls and guys will do the “Bise” (kissing on both cheeks), everytime they see each other, but American would find it weird, so hopefully you haven’t try that yet.

After a few embarassing moments, I always take a moment to think what would the best proper way to say hi when I am in a foreign country : as a result, people stopped viewing me as a freak at least the first two minuts =)


Just try the experience and you will be certain to see some funny reactions.

Photography by Kalandrakas/