Once you are friend or in a relationship with someone from a different nationality, you notice how some cultural aspects may differ from your own country.

Slow&Long/Quick &Restraint Friendships:

By nature, American people are more friendly and spontaneous when they meet new people.Also, Americans would speak easier openly to new people. In contrast, French people are distant and cold when they meet strangers at first.

Is American friendship hypocrite? In the US, friendship is more about hanging out in large group of people and spending good times together. Furthermore, they won’t share everything with their friends, because they like to keep some stuff to themselves.

French people, picky? It takes them month to be friend to someone and they usually prefer to have a few close friends with whom they may share everything. Benjamin Franklin’s quote: “Be slow in choosing a friend” represents the french’s point of view.

If American are expert of exagaration, so are the French when it comes to be critical. Honesty, even when it may hurts someone’s feeling is synonym of real friendship in France. “A true friend stabs you in the front.”
- Oscar Wilde. This is something that won’t be accepted as well in America.

This explains why most american think that french people are snobby and mean, and also why American friendship is being considered “simplier and superficial” in France.

A group of American people hanging out together.

Can we call that friendship ?

Is it because American are much more puritan? In America, boys and girls are more apart when they are little and as they grew up, things seem to directly be more intense than in France.

Often a friendship between a girl and a guy here will most likely end up by a more serious relationship, compare to France, where everyone has approximately the same number of both gender friends. Of course, it is not always the case, though it is both French and American people noticed that specific behavior.

A french clique, a Small group composed of a mix of boys and girls

Two Americans teenagers that used to be friends and that are now dating.

Dangerous flirting or just a hobby ?

French people, mostly guys, have a certain reputation in the rest of Europe to be professional flirtier. They flirt at any age, everywhere and at any time. Also they are more open to talk about sex and more often than American.

A French girl, Florence told me: “We, French,  are not as puritanical as american, which is why we are less hypocritical as regards to the sex.”

Most of the time when french flirt, they don’t have ulterior motives on their minds, it is mostly a hobby and it doesn’t have to mean anything. On the contrary, in America, if someone flirts with you, you may reject it or you may accept to flirt back. However, you will be aware that flirting back will be without any doubt an invitation.

Romantic frenchies vs American matcho :

According to Elisabeth Badinter, a French philosopher, an American guy is more like“the macho type”, while the French is a mix of the“matcho and tender type”. She pointed out that it doesn’t occur to every situation, but compare to French, American are specialist to act like super-macho.

In addition, in her book “XY Masculine identity”, she claims that “the relationship  men-women in France is special and unique because the French male acknowledges and doesn’t disclaim his female side.”

Individual characteristics and motives that predict cross-race romantic relationships:

Romantic intercultural relationship in America:

Interracial dating are strongly related to more liberal ideologies and integrated environments. Also, motivations for getting involved in a intercultural romantic relationship are very similar to motivations for initiating same-race romantic relationships. However, the cultural’s gap between both countrie is too important to be ignore.