Studies about french and american food consommationA few facts about the ways of eating in France and America:

First fact:

Most American prefer to eat small snacks all day long, in contrast, french people prefer to eat a few meals per day at very precise hours.They generally have breakfast generally at 7:00am,  lunch time most of the time at 12:00pm and finally dinner at 9pm.

However, there is a huger difference:

Go to some random school in Paris and then in to New York during lunch time, one thing that you will immediately notice is the food students are eating.

Photography by JohnSeb/

on the american side, you will have  fries, pizzas, burgers, vegetables with tons of sausage, sodas and hormones everywhere.

Photography by diekatrin/flirckra.comon the french side: meat or chicken, vegetables, rice /pastas and water.

Of course, it isn’t like that everywhere but it represents pretty well the difference between both cultures when it comes to food.

Furthermore :

Not only French people are more careful on the food they absorb, but they also have a tendency for eating small and nutritious portions, in contrast to America where everything is either microscopic or gigantic. Of course that last statement can be both positive and negative.


A meal in France can last forever, it generally last between 30 min to 4 hours ! In the United State, except during family meals , they eat when they are hungry and as fast as possible for not wasting time.  After all, “Time is money. In France, family or workers take the meal as a opportunity to take a break and speaking with others.

For example, for a frenchie, thanksgiving would be an ordinary day.